Integrity, Honesty, Collaboration, & Service

I will say what I mean, and act with integrity.  If I drift out of alignment with my values, I will apologize for, fix, and learn from my mistakes.  

I will speak the truth as best I know and understand it, learning and adjusting as I get new and better information.

I believe that to be our best as a society, we need help from everybody.  I will work with the constituents of district 4, regardless of party, to understand and address your needs.  I will work with lawmakers from all parties to create legislation that best serves the people of Utah by balancing competing interests fairly.  I will work to ensure all perspectives have a seat at the table and are able to collaborate to find solutions.

I am a servant-leader.  I believe we all have a responsibility and role in taking care of our communities.  Our role changes due to circumstances and the season of our lives.  We do what we can to help, when we can, and how we can.  Right now, I believe I can help Utah house district 4 by actively working to counter division and polarization, seeking common ground along the Wasatch Back. 

As a legislator, I will encourage fellow lawmakers to maintain their integrity, build trust in our government, and collaborate with the people of Utah to serve the interests and needs of the communities we represent.